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[Episode 7] What To Ask An Agent Before You Hire Them?

Welcome to the Cindee and Michael show, episode 7, today we are going over “what questions to ask an agent before hiring them?”

Keep in mind, the questions you ask will depend on whether you are buying a home or selling a home.

Let’s start by going over some questions a prospective buyer should ask an agent before hiring them to represent them in the purchase of their new home?

#1 - Style of Negotiating If you watched Ep. 4, we covered the 3 different negotiation styles and why they’re so important.

#2 - Do you have access to off market homes?

This can create additional buying opportunities for you as a buyer

#3 - How much experience does the agent have?

Past performance, future projection – if they have a proven track record of closing transactions, you can feel confident you’ll find the right home and have a successful closing.

#4 - What is your process for representing buyers?

Will the agent go through a formal consultation with you to understand your buying needs and explain the buying process to you?

Those aren’t all the questions to ask but will give you a good starting point.

Now, if you are interviewing an agent to sell your home, there are other questions you will want to cover.

The 5 questions we most asked are:

1. How Much Will My House Sell For?

2. How Long Will It Take To Sell?

3. How Are You Going To Market and Advertise My House?

4. How Are You Different Than Anyone Else?

5. How Much Do You Charge?

One of the main questions we never get asked is How will you protect me during the process? That is such an important topic because as you know, California is one of the most litigious states so keeping you well insulated and making sure all contractual obligations are met will insure you not only have a successful close, but keep you from being liable down the road.

[Episode 6] The 3 Different Market Types

Welcome to the Cindee and Michael show, Episode 6 – on todays episode we are going to go over the different market types to give you the ability to use any market to your advantage whether you are a buyer or a seller. Cindee, lets start by going over what the 3 market types are… The 3 different market types are, Sellers Market, Neutral Market & Buyers Market. The way we determine which market type we are in is the amount of inventory that is one the market and assuming no other homes were to come to market, how long would it take for all of the current homes for sale to actually sell. For example Sellers Market 0-3 Months of Inventory on the market Neutral market 3-6 months of inventory on the market Buyers Market 6-9 Months of inventory on the market There are advantages to each market type for a buyer or a seller. Watch the entire video to learn more about each type.

[Episode 5] | Buying or Selling During The Holidays?

Welcome to the Cindee + Michael Show, Episode 5, today we’re talking about a question we often get asked this time of year, are the holidays a good time to buy or sell?

First of all, it may come to a shock to most people, but about 1/3 of all our sales take place this time of year. Our market here in SoCal is different in that we don’t necessarily have extreme seasons, thus we have a fair amount of activity throughout the year.

What we see in the Holidays, is the number of buyers looking decreases, so does the number of homes for sale, so in reality the percentage of demand actuals remains the same. The serious buyers are still out looking for a home during the holiday season while everyone else is shopping at the mall.

And if you are a seller, just remember, when your home is decorated for the holidays it will evoke a certain emotional appeal to buyers looking. After all, they want to imagine their own holiday gathering with loved ones in the home they are going to buy.

Another reason serious buyers are out looking is it’s the last quarter of the year and in order to write off your real estate taxes for the year your must pay them by December 31st. So just keep in mind, the holiday season may actually be a great time to buy or sell a home.

Thank you for watching the Cindee + Michael show, we will see you next week.

[Episode 4] | Top 3 Negotiating Styles

Welcome to the Cindee + Michael Show, Episode 4.

Todays Cindee and I will be going over the 3 negotiating style.

What are the 3 styles?

• Competing (Aggressive)

• Accommodating (Conceding)

• Collaborative (Cooperating)

The important thing to understand not one of these styles works in ever scenario. A smart and experienced negotiator know when to use to correct style to best benefit their clients interest. Don’t forget, negotiating is not only when you are trying to come to a price agreement, but you also have to negotiate terms and repair request, so having a savvy negotiator on your side which you are a buyer or a seller can really save you not only thousands of dollars but in many cases a transaction while alleviating stress off your shoulders.

Thank you for watching Episode 4, we will see you next week!

[Episode 3] | Does The Lender You Choose Matter?

When choosing a lender to handle your loan in the home buying process, you have a few options.

This video will allow you to understand the difference between a Loan Officer and a Mortgage Broker as well as the difference between a Pre-Qualification Letter VS a Pre-Approval Letter.

[Episode 2] | 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home

When you are buying a home, there are a few steps to get started and it will help enable you to have a successful buying journey.

Watch this quick video to understand the 3 mistakes you will want to avoid to make sure you are successful when you're buying a home.

[Episode 1] | Home Sale Contingencies For Sellers

In the event you are selling your home and planning on buying a replacement home, utilizing a Home Sale Contingency is imperative to keep yourself protected and insure you are not left without a home.

Be sure your home is sold with a contingency in place allows you to have more power on the buying side of your transition. 

In real estate transactions, contingencies are the way to keep yourself protected.